Rima: The Story Begins (Details)

Updated: Oct 31, 2019


In the last full moon before Shadow gets close to the land, Ilathen the Goddess of Ila (the land) sent one of her messengers down to find the one and only savior of the land, because she knew as Shadow steps into the land of Ila and opens the Dark Gate, hope, life and joy would turn into a dream.

Rima: The Story Begins

She chose Rima and sent Huva after him to help and guide Rima to accomplish his predestined mission. Now Rima needs to face dangerous creatures (that stepped into the forest after the dark gate got open), fight his way out and explore the land for new paths, objects and abilities that help him to find and revive the four vital elements the land's life depends on.

The four vital elements Are; Air, Fire, Water and Earth. By reviving each element, Rima gets one step closer to fulfill his destiny.

But Rima and Huva are not alone, they meet Louha; the warrior of light who comes from the bright side of the land, and Milasa; the guardian of Glowing Forest who keeps the light of the forest bright, in this journey.

Rima: The Story Begins


In this fantasy Adventure game, the player controls Rima, a small mutant blue-green algae in cyan & Huva, a bluish bird like being who is accompanying Rima in most of his journey. Huva can shoots light drops to battle obstacles and enemies.

Rima has the ability to run and jump but needs to learn a lot more as he interacts with his environment. The player helps Rima to collect new abilities, Life Plants and upgrades as he jumps from different platforms and solves various puzzles.

Rima: The Story Begins

To gain new abilities, players need to find Single eye obelisks which can be found in different parts of the forest. New Abilities help Rima to access previously inaccessible areas.

The game takes place in a world full of mysteries and surprises, rendered at 30 frames per (for battery life saving purposes) second with no visible loading time as the player explores. Loading only occurs after every chapter is completed.

Rima: The Story Begins


Rima: The Story Begins features five achievements. by completing each chapter one achievement will be unlocked and the player will be rewarded with certain icons, colors, or trails. each achievement has its own unique message for the player.


Rima: The Story Begins contains 5 major chapters; The Opening, The Criterion, The Night Journey, The Overthrowing and The Rocky tract. every chapter has its own personality to challenge the player to use new abilities gained by Rima and solve new puzzles in order to progress and survive.


In this game controls are very simple to follow, which combines tapping and holding UI Buttons or swiping toward the arrow directions showing on device's screen. Each chapter of this game has its own personality which involves players to use new abilities gained by Rima and solve new puzzles to progress


Ilathen: The Goddess of Ila (the land) is wise to Rima’s ability to restore four major elements that bring the life back to the land. Therefore, Rima needs to find and revive these four vital elements before Shadow conquers the entire land. The four vital elements Are; Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

Huva: One of Ilathen's guardians, a bird like Being, Who's been sent by Ilathen to help Rima find the right path through this tough trek. Huva, a bluish bird like being is accompanying Rima in most of his journey who both shoots light drops to battle obstacles and enemies and guides Rima.

Rima : The main character of the game, a small mutant blue-green algae in cyan who is on a mission to save his homeland seized by Shadow.

Razgon: The main antagonist of the game, who comes from the dark side of the land, is a giant dragon and Shadow warden who is looking for Rima to hunt him before he even gets close to the elements to revive them.

Louha: The warrior of light, a blackish-blue gorilla, comes from the bright side of the land. Despite his secretive presence and inevitable clumsiness, he has a true heart of a warrior. Whenever the land confronts with a threat, Louha comes out of the blue. He does his best to support Rima to accomplish his mission.

Milasa: The most powerful supporting character is the guardian of Glowing Forest, the one who keeps the light of the forest bright. A purple blue-maned lion that fights against the hunters which stepped into the land once the Dark Gate got open by Shadow.


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