WMW: War Machine Wrestling (Details)

Updated: Jan 15, 2020


This exhilarating action-fighting game brings an ironic experience and a breathtaking action from the world of Robot Fighting on to your mobile device!


ABOUT THE STORY Attain greatness in the future of wrestling, where enormous machines fight for glory. Unleash your fighting style to win The War Machine Wrestling championship, Unlock Achievements and knockout opponents one after another.

Increase your reputation by accepting available Fight-Offers and contests in different tournaments where winning isn't about luck. Improve your ranking on the leaderboard, claim the Championship title and reign as The WMW Champion.

Achieve glory in huge UPSN Center arenas.

EXCITING CHALLENGES Play Career Mode, Exhibition Mode and all new Live Events Mode (available soon) to become the Champion of all categories.

Fight, let no one stand in your way!


Join the Training Center to train and upgrade your fighting level to be harder, faster, better and stronger. Upgrade your membership and achieve new skills and get ready for your upcoming fight.

Fight to become the next WMW Champion!


Achieve glory in different huge UPSN Center arenas and reign as The War Machine Wrestling Champion.

Unleash your fighting style!

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English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified-Chinese.

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