Yoshiko: Androids Rebellion (Details)

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Yoshiko: Androids Rebellion is an exciting, anime-style, arcade-action game featuring you as an exceptional runner, driver or biker who won’t be held down by Androids.


The story begins as Cyber Hitter approaches the military base where he can start hacking Androids and getting them under his control to fulfill his mission.

On the other hand Yoshiko, Itsuki and Misaki; Three friends who want to prevent Androids Rebellion, rise up and fight to keep the city safe and secure.

Yoshiko: Android Rebellion


- Three different modes to play. Drive a car, ride a bike or run to fight against androids.

- Complete Daily Goals and get rewarded.

- Unlockable costumes, cars and bikes to choose from.

- Upgrade to get most out of your vehicles.

- Experience console quality gaming on your Android phone.

- Set your own graphics options depending on your Android device.

- Enjoy playing in the beautiful city of kizohura with HDR quality (if supported).

Yoshiko: Android Rebellion


- OS: Android 6.0


- Graphics: OpenGL ES 3.0 support

- Storage: 400 MB available space

- Internet: Required

Yoshiko: Android Rebellion


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This game is only available in English at this moment and no in-app purchases are required to progress.

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